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Cremation Services

Cremation has rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade. Therefore, to keep up with this demand we have perfected our cremation process and have made cremation a staple part of our funeral home. For the most part, our cremation services will differ in terms of the type of ceremony you would like with the actual cremation. This section of our website is committed to teaching you all about cremation. Often people struggle to decide if cremation is right for them or their loved one. The starting point to this decision is to first understand and become informed with the facts of cremation.

What is Cremation?
First, here is a clear, simple definition of cremation:
Cremation is a method of body disposal that acts as an alternative to burial. Cremation reduces a body to ash by exposing it to very high temperatures within a large furnace. Many people simply think cremation involves setting the body on fire and letting it burn. However, the overall cremation process is much more technical in nature and done with complete care. Click here to learn about our cremation process in full.

The Cremation Decision

What are some factors that you will have to consider when deciding on cremation? Each of them are very personal and significant: there are your spiritual/religious beliefs, your level of environmental consciousness, financial considerations, and the expectations of your immediate family and your wider social group.
As you dive into the pages below, have these questions in mind:
1) How do you feel about cremation? What about burial? Purely based on emotions, which one makes you feel better?
2) Is cost a big concern for you? When it comes to end-of-life planning, are you most interested in saving you and your family money?
3) What does your religion say about cremation? Will your religious or spiritual beliefs have a great impact on the decision to cremate?
4) Do you have concerns about reducing pollution and being as environmentally friendly as possible?
5) How do you think your family and friends will react to your decision? What are their end-of-life plans?

Cremation Information

Perhaps the decision between cremation and burial is an easy one for you. But if it is not, keep the factors and questions we outlined above in mind as you go through the pages below. The resources below provide reputable cremation information that will clear any misconceptions and grow your knowledge.
If you want to talk to a cremation expert instead, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We can answer questions over the phone, by email, or we can even setup an in-person appointment.
Cremation Options
View our cremation options and what is included in each. Give your loved one the cremation service they deserve.
Why Cremation?
Learn the 5 main reasons for cremation's steady rise in popularity.
The Cremation Process
Cremation has been around for centuries but there have been many changes in the process over the last half-century. Today, families can choose either traditional cremation or alkaline hydrolysis.
History of Cremation
If you find yourself wondering about when cremation began, we have outlined the full history of cremation here.
Cremation Myths
There are many cremation myths that people believe to be true. We have described the top myths of cremation and the truth behind them.
Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation
This page is dedicated to providing some answers to questions you might have about cremation.