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Cremation Options

We offer three cremation options; each of which can be modified to meet your needs and wishes:

Direct Cremation

This is our simplest and most direct cremation service available. It does not involve any type of ceremony. Essentially the fee covers the completion of the necessary paperwork, removal of the deceased from the place of death, and the actual cremation of the deceased.

A Memorial Service or Celebration of Life after Cremation

This cremation package includes all the aspects of a direct cremation plus your choice of a memorial service or celebration of life. This option gives family more time to think about the ceremony, the service can be more personalized, and it allows for more flexibility as opposed to a traditional funeral. Often times, families have the memorial service or celebration of life weeks or even months after the death. 

Cremation with a Traditional Funeral Service

This is much like our traditional funeral service we offer with burial. It includes a viewing/visitation with an open or closed casket followed by a traditional funeral ceremony usually in a church. A specially-selected cremation casket is used during the visitation.  After the funeral, the deceased is then cremated as opposed to being buried. 
We allow for customization and will likely be able to meet any of your specific needs and wishes. We are fairly flexible with our cremation packages in terms of the type of ceremony you would like to have, the funeral products you desire, and any other requests you want to include. 
To enhance the service, we offer the following cremation products:

Cremation Urns

These containers are designed to hold cremated remains. We offer a large selection of beautiful urns in a variety of shapes and sizes. We carry urns constructed from bronze, stone, wood, metal or porcelain.

Cremation Caskets

If your family chooses to hold a viewing prior to cremation, we offer a wide variety of alternative containers and caskets to choose from.

If you are interested in learning more about our cremation options or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our staff would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.