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Burial Services

Types of Burial

There are two main types of burial:

In-ground Burial - Also referred to as an earth burial, this type of burial simply involves the placement of a casket below the ground in a space that is called a plot. Sometimes the casket is also placed in a burial vault before being lowered into the plot. 

Mausoleum Burial - Mausolem burials consist of the internment of the deceased's body withing a free-standing building. The casket or vault will never come in contact with the earth, since they are within an above-ground structure. 

A Variety of Burial Options to Suit Your Needs

All Verheyden Funeral Homes offer a wide range of burial service packages. For the most part, the burial service packages differ based on the type of ceremony you would like to have along with the actual burial. We are fairly flexible with our burial packages in terms of the type of ceremony you would like to have, the funeral products you desire, and any other requests you want to include. We allow for customization and will likely be able to meet any specific needs and wishes. Below we have highlighted soem of our most commonly chosen burial packages:

Direct Burial

This is the simplest type of burial service we offer. It does not involve any type of funeral service or ceremony. Essentially, the fees cover the transportation of the body, casketing of the body, the actual burial, and the completion of the appropriate paperwork.

Graveside Service

This burial package includes everything that comes with the direct burial package plus the arrangement of a ceremony at the cemetery. 

Traditional Funeral Service

This burial package involves the most components. It includes a wake/visitation, a traditional funeral that usually takes place at a church, and a procession to the cemetery where the deceased is given a final goodbye. Also sometimes families choose to hold a reception as a final stage of the funeral service. 

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