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Ask the Experts

Grief Years Later
Sometimes you can experience extreme bouts of grief even years later especially during holidays. Learn why this happens and how to deal with it.
How Can I Find the Words?
Learn what to say in a thank you card for those who attended a funeral.
Is He Going to Die?
What can you do when a loved one has a terminal illness? is continuing treatment worth it?
Parenting After My Husband's Death
Here is some advice on how to help young children when they lose a parent.
Returning to Work: Part I
Returning to work after losing someone can be very difficult and overwhelming. Here is some advice on how to get through it.
Returning to Work: Part II
How do I return to work after losing someone? Here is some advice on how to get through the daily activities when suffering from grief.
Should I Send a Thank You Card to Everybody?
Are you unsure who to send thank you cards to after a funeral has concluded? This article provides some insight.