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Caregiving: Emotional Roller Coaster
This article discusses the emotional impact that a terminal illness can have on those acting as caregivers.
Cremation or Burial? Families Don't Always Agree
Susan Cox, a funeral director for 21 years, discusses what to do when spouses have different wishes regarding burial and cremation.
Depression after Loss of a Child
Feelings of depression and despair after the loss of a loved one, especially a child are normal but very confusing for the person experiencing them, as well as those around them.
Do We Choose?
Linda J. Austin writes from experience as a nursing assistance and a family caregiver. "When I was assigned my first hospice case, I found my place in life." Retired from several careers, Linda is studying creative art therapy.
Grief - The First Week, Month, Year
From the moment we hear of a profound loss, we need to take ourselves out of circulation.
How Can I Help? What to Ask for When You're Grieving
Learn how to best ask for help when you are dealing with grief.
Making Prearrangements - Why Does It Feel Strange?
Making funeral prearrangements can feel weird, but it takes away confusion and is well worth it.
Marking Milestones
We humans tend to measure our days by predictable events. When you lose the one you love, those days can be misery.
The Grieving Child: Part I
This article looks at some myths of children’s grief and it provides some insight on how to deal with a grieving child.
The Grieving Child: Part II
This article provides some general guidelines for parents on how grief will impact children based on their age.