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Burial Choices

A Variety of Burial Options to Suiphotot Your Needs

We offer a wide range of burial options, all which can be customized to meet your family's wishes. Our burial options include the following:

  • Ground Burial:
    Earth burials continue to be the most popular type of burial in the U.S. In an earth burial, a traditional casket is placed in the ground or inside a vault.
  • Above Ground Entombment:
    Entombment in a crypt or mausoleum is one of the oldest forms of disposition. In this type of, the casket is placed in a mausoleum, which is an above-ground structure usually made of marble or stone.
  • Cremation Burial:
    If your family chooses cremation, you can still have a burial as well. After cremation, we can place the remains of your loved in a memorial urn and then insert that urn in a mausoleum. Alternatively, you can choose to bury your loved ones cremation remains in a family gravesite or a cremation garden.

Additionally, if your family chooses a burial service, we can provide you with some of the finest granite and bronze memorials available. We offer both traditional or customized designs.